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A warm welcome to all visitors to Penang! Thank you for choosing Penang as your preferred choice of travel destination. Penang... This fascinating modern enclave has managed to retain much of the cultural heritage and Noble House flavour of its colonial past... First time in this remarkable city? BRACE YOURSELF...You won’t regret.

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Study Aboard in Penang

Studying in Penang, students will receive the opportunity to witness the developing government and society of Malaysia. Most popular for the tourist attractions, Penang is submerged in rich history. In this website, you will find our list of Study Abroad and Internship programs in Penang, Malaysia. Our programs can be personalized to your unique interests. Explore the island with immersive courses and gain skills during exploring, which gives you an edge in your future career. Take a hop across the pond and you’ll see that our exchange program will always remind you you’re somewhere new!

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Various of Activities

Activities outside school give you a chance to dive in and get to know the local community and culture of Penang as well as your fellow buddies a meaningful way. There are various additional immersion activities you can try, such as joining the festival parties with the locals or having a cultural tour with your buddies…. YOU NAME IT! Try to explore more, you will be fully attracted to this fascinating island!

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